Abilene Session Notes – 27 September 2014

Abilene Session Notes – 27 September 2014

November 16th, 1878

When we rode into the stockyards after a day of freezing our asses off in that damned wind, we knew something was wrong, we just couldn’t quite put our finger on what…

The party notices that all of the buildings – the Drover’s Cottage (and its six outhouses, one of which is out of order) and a series of small one-room houses – all have tents pitched nearby, except for one that appears to have been ransacked.  A closer look reveals that something large pushed through the front door of the building, the interior of which is veritably coated in blood and gore.

The injun ranch-hand, Chigger, encourages the party to check in with Al inside.

The party meets Al, the proprietor of the Drover’s Cottage, along with Madam Wednesday who runs the girls.  When asked about the tents and the ransacked house, Al tells them of a band of ex-Confederate soldiers who have been making passes through the Stockyards for a few months.  They always come through with a small band of mostly men who speak predominantly Swedish, so he’s assuming they’re from Lindsborg.  Four members of the band are staying at the Cottage, presumably under orders from their Captain Dane to keep an eye out for people asking questions (like the party).

The last time through, one of the young captive men rebelled and was killed.  The man’s mother, who had apparently been caught up in the sweep, laid a curse over the place, that any who slept under a roof would be ground to dust.  Thus, after a man named Johnson was killed the next night in his cabin, all of the locals have been sleeping in tents.

Dane’s four men eventually come downstairs for dinner and exchange somewhat-pleasantries with Patton.  At least one of them is genuinely a former Confederate solider and had served at Gettysburg.  Holden engages them for part of the evening over the poker table and learns a few things: that the soldiers are flush with money but are very tight-lipped about its source, that they call their captors “conscripts”, and the place they are being taken to is the “claim”.

That night, the party borrows tents from Al and beds down near the Cottage.  Seri chooses to sneak away and sleep in the loft of the barn, even after being warned by Chigger that the barn has a roof, too.

The party is roused in the dead of night by the sound of the bard doors being ripped from their hinges.


Al Wednesday



Abilene Session Notes – 13 September 2014

Abilene Session Notes – 13 September 2014

November 15-16, 1878

That spooky-assed sheriff probably saved all of our lives, least we could do was help him clean up the mess.  As the Pattons boarded up the busted windows, we got to talkin’.


Several discussions and observations happen into the evening:

  • Sheriff Dent says that the local Kiowa have a new war chief named Howling Wind and they’ve become increasingly militant.  Ahiga takes particular note of the new chief’s name.
  • Upon heading out, Sheriff Dent mentions that he’d heard of some disturbances at The Drover’s Cottage at the Abilene Stockyards and he’s headed that way.
  • Onesimus identifies himself as a US Agent, though no one’s particularly impressed by the credentials, and inquires after a man named Wu.  Chinese Ed takes particular note of the name.  After some discussion, William and Olivia both connect the name to The Duchess, a brothel in Abilene.  Holden takes particular note of the name of the brothel.  After some discussion, William agrees to take Holden and Olivia to Abilene (which happens to be the same direction everyone else is intending to go).
  • Ahiga has a vision while watching Seri perform a very peculiar shamanic-like ritual.
  • Holden passes out unexpectedly while playing solitaire.

The next morning, the party eats a simple breakfast and heads on their way.  The day’s travel across the showy plains goes without incident and late in the afternoon they arrive at The Drover’s Cottage.  There appear to be tents pitched near all of the buildings, showing signs of recent use, even though at this time of year the Cottage would have dozens of available rooms.

An injun man is sweeping snow off the porch as they pull up and gives the party a glance.

“Ahh,” he says, “the end of the world has arrived…then again…maybe it was the other way around…”

He goes back to his sweeping and mutters, “Al’s waitin’ for you inside.”

Chigger Nine-Wren



Abilene Session Notes – 30 August 2014

Abilene Session Notes – 30 August 2014

November 15th, 1878

Let’s see, where were we?  Oh yes, the girl turned herself into a bird in front of everyone and flew off towards those injuns on the hill.  I’m not sure it was the wisest thing to do, but it sure caught em by surprise…

Upon seeing Seri transform into a bird, the natives on the hill startled and pulled rifles, which caused her to turn around and perch in a nearby tree, but not before seeing several dozens more hiding in the grasses over the hill.  The party began moving in the direction of a farmhouse, hopping on to horses where they were available.

Meanwhile, Holden finds a half-burnt note in one of the few remaining pockets in his clothing, it says simply, “Joshua – The Duchess, Abilene, KS”.  He also discovers that he’s lost over a year of memory.

William notices dozens of natives closing on the party, attempting to flank them.  They increase their pace, and make it into the Patton farm before being cut off.  After quick introductions, the party takes position to defend the home.  William calls out during the standoff, asking what they want.  A warrior emerges from the fields and delivers a rough hand-drawn sketch of Holden.

While the party discusses turning Holden over, they overhear a ritual taking place in the fields, and shortly thereafter, the house is assaulted by a dozen tiny constructs made of wheat.  During the assault, Holden manages to save William’s wife and son from one of the creatures.

As the fight is winding down, the sound of a battle is heard from the fields, and after a time a majority of the natives retreat.  Sheriff Alistair Dent emerges from the fields, apparently having single-handed driven the war band away.  After discovering to discernible reason why they would have wanted Holden, he recruits the party to create a pyre to burn the bodies.



Alistair Dent


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