Abilene Session Notes – 24 January 2015

November 17th, 1878

We blew the dam, took out the camp soldiers, freed the slaves, and quit ourselves of Dixon and Burns all in the span of a few moments – but we had the element of surprise.  Captain Dane made sure we had no such advantage when we hit the farm.
The party and their conscripts gathered in the darkness near the farmhouse.  Captain Dane called out, he told them that they “had made an enemy you can’t possibly wrap your heads around” and while he couldn’t do anything about that, he asked if there was a way to resolve the conflict without further bloodshed.  Onesimus asked for the old witch, and Dane replied that was not possible.  Knowing the Grinder would show up within hours, Onesimus shouted that they were willing to wait.
During the silence, Sheriff Dent arrived, having been alerted by the explosions.  He had been searching for the mine in the hills, but hadn’t thought to look down by the river.
Ahiga and William spread out from the main group slightly, but the silence continued.  Seri, having become bored by the inaction, sneaks to the barn and tosses a bundle of dynamite, destroying the front of the barn, killing six of the defenders, and beginning a firefight.  During the fight, a large number of the Lindsborg prisoners are killed by the entrenched defenders in the farmhouse.
The gun battle rages on…



Abilene Session Notes – 3 January 2015

Abilene Session Notes – 3 January 2015

November 17th, 1878

As if a camp full of slave-driving soldiers over the hill wasn’t bad enough, turns out the dead are up and walking too.  Trying to put down a passel of zombies without waking the entire camp was a bit of a chore.  Thankfully our Chinaman knew how to keep things quiet…
The party assaults the slave camp.  Seri flies to the damn and blows it with dynamite while the party fires into the camp from cover.  The mine is flooded and the surprised soldiers are gunned down.  During the firefight, Dixon and Burns attempt to sneak up on Holden and Patton and are killed.


Abilene Session Notes – 13 September 2014

Abilene Session Notes – 13 September 2014

November 15-16, 1878

That spooky-assed sheriff probably saved all of our lives, least we could do was help him clean up the mess.  As the Pattons boarded up the busted windows, we got to talkin’.


Several discussions and observations happen into the evening:

  • Sheriff Dent says that the local Kiowa have a new war chief named Howling Wind and they’ve become increasingly militant.  Ahiga takes particular note of the new chief’s name.
  • Upon heading out, Sheriff Dent mentions that he’d heard of some disturbances at The Drover’s Cottage at the Abilene Stockyards and he’s headed that way.
  • Onesimus identifies himself as a US Agent, though no one’s particularly impressed by the credentials, and inquires after a man named Wu.  Chinese Ed takes particular note of the name.  After some discussion, William and Olivia both connect the name to The Duchess, a brothel in Abilene.  Holden takes particular note of the name of the brothel.  After some discussion, William agrees to take Holden and Olivia to Abilene (which happens to be the same direction everyone else is intending to go).
  • Ahiga has a vision while watching Seri perform a very peculiar shamanic-like ritual.
  • Holden passes out unexpectedly while playing solitaire.

The next morning, the party eats a simple breakfast and heads on their way.  The day’s travel across the showy plains goes without incident and late in the afternoon they arrive at The Drover’s Cottage.  There appear to be tents pitched near all of the buildings, showing signs of recent use, even though at this time of year the Cottage would have dozens of available rooms.

An injun man is sweeping snow off the porch as they pull up and gives the party a glance.

“Ahh,” he says, “the end of the world has arrived…then again…maybe it was the other way around…”

He goes back to his sweeping and mutters, “Al’s waitin’ for you inside.”

Chigger Nine-Wren



Abilene Session Notes – 30 August 2014

Abilene Session Notes – 30 August 2014

November 15th, 1878

Let’s see, where were we?  Oh yes, the girl turned herself into a bird in front of everyone and flew off towards those injuns on the hill.  I’m not sure it was the wisest thing to do, but it sure caught em by surprise…

Upon seeing Seri transform into a bird, the natives on the hill startled and pulled rifles, which caused her to turn around and perch in a nearby tree, but not before seeing several dozens more hiding in the grasses over the hill.  The party began moving in the direction of a farmhouse, hopping on to horses where they were available.

Meanwhile, Holden finds a half-burnt note in one of the few remaining pockets in his clothing, it says simply, “Joshua – The Duchess, Abilene, KS”.  He also discovers that he’s lost over a year of memory.

William notices dozens of natives closing on the party, attempting to flank them.  They increase their pace, and make it into the Patton farm before being cut off.  After quick introductions, the party takes position to defend the home.  William calls out during the standoff, asking what they want.  A warrior emerges from the fields and delivers a rough hand-drawn sketch of Holden.

While the party discusses turning Holden over, they overhear a ritual taking place in the fields, and shortly thereafter, the house is assaulted by a dozen tiny constructs made of wheat.  During the assault, Holden manages to save William’s wife and son from one of the creatures.

As the fight is winding down, the sound of a battle is heard from the fields, and after a time a majority of the natives retreat.  Sheriff Alistair Dent emerges from the fields, apparently having single-handed driven the war band away.  After discovering to discernible reason why they would have wanted Holden, he recruits the party to create a pyre to burn the bodies.



Alistair Dent


Session Notes 8-30-14

Abilene Session Notes – 9 August 2014

Abilene Session Notes – 9 August 2014

The session begins with an introduction:

Well…where do I start?  Let’s see…


I suppose, in Kansas, you always have to start with the wind, cuttin’ across the plains like a knife, cold as a witch’s tit, with nothing to stop it from the Rockies to the Mississippi.


Except this guy…frozen in time…dressed nice, running for his life through a field of winter wheat, suspended mid-stride, flurries of snow drifting in the wind.  He’s got the look of a man who’s about to die and knows it.

Holden Cain

The same guy sits in a smoky lounge across a poker table from this guy….


There’s a game on, but it’s not going well for our guy, his chips are down and the suit across the table is starting to look smug as he lays down his hand, fanning it with such an artful grace the devil ‘imself would be jealous.


“Full House,” says the suit.


Our guy has a sheen of nervous…no…terrified sweat as he folds his cards.


“Wait,” he says, as the suit gets up to leave.  “A trade….”


“I don’t barter, kid,” replies the suit.


Our guy puts a small box on the table, a simple cedar thing, about the size of a cigar box, and slides it across.  The suit settles back into his seat, raising an eyebrow and opens it.  His face is bathed in a pale green light, shining from the box in the dim room.  He gently closes the box, almost reverently.


“You know,” he says, “if you do this, you won’t remember it.  Any of it.”


“Explain to me, sir, how that will help me when I’m dead.”


“Yes…well….  For this, I think I can provide you some assistance out of your…predicament….”


He stands, picks up the box, and steps behind the curtain and is gone.


Our guy sits uncomfortably for a moment, waiting for something to happen, and just when he’s about to speak, he feels a burst of that damned wind on his face, and the real world pulling him out of the Nevernever….


And then our guy…well…he  explodes….


Most of the party is on the road a short distance away form the explosion, Seri having led Onesimus and Jacob on a chase ending at Ahiga and Chinese Ed.  After recovering from being knocked down by the explosion, and after some brief attempts at communicating with each other and failing, the entire group moves to the site of the explosion.

They find a wide, smoking crater, and laying in the center is Holden, clothes tattered and smoldering, but apparently completely unharmed save for unconsciousness.  At the edge of the crater are two natives, their bodies torn and pulped by proximity to the explosion.  Standing there also is a teenage boy, his ears bleeding a bit, obviously in shock from being too close to the explosion.  Within moments, William and Olivia arrive from the farmhouse, visibly relieved that the teenage boy “Junior” is well.  Holden regains consciousness, but has no memory of where he is or why he’s in a smoking crater.

William points out silhouettes on the horizon, rifles, feathers, and while the party discusses taking shelter at the farm, Seri mutters some gibberish and transforms into a hawk, soaring into the air in the direction of the riders.


Session 2014-08-09